Harsh Event Detection


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    Paul Dickson

    Samsara took a huge step backwards by dumbing down the g-force thresholds for harsh turn and harsh brake events on the newer camera models. As you can see on this page, the older cameras (CM11/CM12/CM22) still allow the user to fine tune the g-force required to trigger an alert using a high-granularity slider. This fine tuning was available for the newer cameras (CM3x) until Samsara took this functionality away, replacing it with a dumbed down four step configuration (Very Low, Low, Normal, High) for Harsh Turns and Harsh Brakes and a three step configuration (Low, Normal, High) for Harsh Acceleration, each with pre-configured thresholds chosen by Samsara. My company had taken time to fine tune these settings using the previously available slider to generate an alert volume appropriate for our specific needs; we no longer have that ability. Again... huge step backwards and I don't understand why Samsara would remove the ability to fine tune settings.


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