Configure Yard Move & Personal Conveyance

In Summary

  • Yard Move (On Duty) and Personal Conveyance (Off Duty) are two special driving statuses defined by the ELD Mandate
  • The availability of each can be configured per-driver in the Samsara platform

Configuring Special Duty Statuses

The ELD mandate requires that carriers be able to configure the availability of the Yard Move and Personal Conveyance special duty statuses on a per-driver basis.

The settings can be configured in the Settings page for a driver, or in the Bulk Import/Update process.

Once selected, the duty statuses become available in the driver app as additional duty status selections.

Configuration in Settings

  1. Navigate to the Settings > "Drivers" page to see a listing of all drivers
  2. Click the "Edit" button for the desired driver
  3. Use the selection options to enable or disable Yard Move or Personal Conveyance

  4. Click "Save" to commit changes to the driver.

Configuration in Import & Update

Enter True or False in the ELD Personal Conveyance (PC) or ELD Yard Moves (YM) columns for a driver to enable or disable the duty status.