How to Use Proximity Search

The Proximity Search feature allows fleet managers to search a known address and see which vehicles were previously nearby.


To use Proximity Search, select Fleet>Proximity on your Samsara Dashboard.


Clicking “Search for an address…” gives the option to select an address already in the Address Book or to type in a new address.


In this example, a fleet manager is investigating whether any of the company’s vehicles were near the Chevron gas station on Valley Avenue in Pleasanton, CA around 6AM on March 19, 2018. Once the fleet manager enters the address details, they can set a start and end time for the search (maximum duration is 24 hours).


After the fleet manager enters the information, any vehicles that were in the area in that time frame will be listed below the search window and appear on the map display with the specific time the vehicle was there. By clicking on a listed vehicle, the dashboard will display additional details, such as what trip the vehicle was on. Clicking “View Trip” will take the fleet manager to the Trip Details page.