Required In-Cab Materials for ELDs

In Summary

  • The ELD mandate requires that a user manual and driver instruction sheet be made available in the cab
  • Electronic copies of the manual can be electronically distributed to drivers from the Samsara archive: User Manual | Driver Instruction Sheet

ELD Mandate: Required In-vehicle Information

In 49 CFR 395.22, the ELD mandate requires that every ELD-equipped vehicle must have documents describing how a driver can operate the device, including:

  • A user manual for the ELD
  • A driver instruction sheet describing:
    • How to operate the ELD in the event of an inspection; and
    • ELD "malfunction reporting requirements" and "recordkeeping procedures during ELD malfunctions"

While the user manual can be electronic (i.e. on the device), for customers who have purchased Samsara devices before the ELD implementation date, Samsara is making ELD Cab Kits available to its customers free-of-charge, while supplies last.

Printing the Kit or Distributing an Electronic Copy

Printing the Kit

You can print both of the required materials at any time from the Samsara website at the links below:

Using an Electronic Copy of the Manuals

The FMCSA has also clarified that the manuals may be made available to drivers in the vehicle in electronic form. Downloading a copy of both manuals to devices running the Samsara app will also allow you to meet this requirement.

Samsara's ELD Cab Kit

Samsara's ELD Cab Kit can be requested from your Samsara sales representative and includes both of the printed materials required by the mandate.

The ELD Cab Kit can be requested in a 5-pack or 20-pack (5 or 20 pcs).