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    Donnie Miller

    I had the same problem and contacted Samsara Support and found out the following...

    "The error I keep getting is "Invalid device. Ensure that this is a device that you have fuel purchase write permissions for." 

    My problem was I had changed the name of the Samsara Device in Samsara when I installed them to the Vehicle# and Driver.  But then the when uploading the CSV file the names didn't either match the name of the device or there was no device installed with that name at all.

    For example:

    Original device name:  XXXX-XXXX-XXX (Device Serial #)  Changed to: Truck# - Driver Name

    Now in the CSV file under the heading "Assigned Vehicle" should have "Truck# - Driver Name" instead of "XXXX-XXXX-XXX"

    This is what worked for me - Hope this helps!

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    Shahrooz K.


    Thank you for your comments and feedback. We updated this article on July 25 to clarify the upload instructions. 


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