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    my retrieval only goes back 10 days and on others longer

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    Paul Dickson

    One additional note for the 'Video Retrieval Considerations and Limitations' list:

    Manually retrieved videos do not currently provide information regarding the position of the accelerator pedal, or whether the brake pedal was depressed. This information is provided, however, in videos generated by the harsh event algorithm, so Samsara does have access to those data. It would be valuable to provide that information in manually retrieved videos to give additional context to each video. To take it a step further, the information provided in videos generated by the harsh event algorithm currently only indicate whether the brake pedal is 'on' or 'off'... there is no granularity similar to the information provided for the accelerator pedal, which shows how far the pedal is depressed on a 0% - 100% scale. It would be helpful to know if the driver, for instance, is slamming the brake pedal to the floor or just barely pressing it.


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