Canadian Hours of Service

Note: This feature must be activated by Samsara's support team. Please contact for assistance.

Within minutes of crossing the United States border into Canada, or whenever your driver's vehicle is operating in Canada, the Samsara Driver app will automatically apply your pre-selected Canadian Hours of Service ruleset for your driver.

Driver App: Canadian Hours of Service Display

To maintain consistency for cross-border drivers, the Driver app retains the same three-dial configuration used with U.S. rulesets for drivers in Canada. Canadian rulesets do not make use of the break dial, however, violations of the required daily off duty time are calculated.

IMG_3959.PNG IMG_3960.PNG


Dashboard: Reviewing Violations

Hours of Service Violations for a driver's ruleset are automatically calculated according to the ruleset for the country in which they are currently located. These violations can be reviewed and managed in the Samsara Dashboard from a driver's log in Reports > Driver HOS or fleet-wide in Reports > HOS Violations.

Configuring your Canadian Hours of Service Ruleset

By default, your Canadian Hours of Service ruleset will be designated as Canada South Cycle 1. To change to the Cycle 2 ruleset instead, choose Settings > HOS/DVIR.