Annotating Unassigned HOS Segments

As permitted by the ELD mandate in 49 CFR 395.32 (c) (1), carriers may annotate unassigned driving segments rather than assign them to a driver, when appropriate.

For example, if a vehicle equipped with an ELD is moved by a mechanic who is not required to report hours of service, you may simply use the "Annotate" button in the Samsara Dashboard under the Fleet>Reports>Unassigned HOS Report.


Clicking Annotate opens a form which allows the user to enter an explanation for the unassigned time.


Annotated segments are displayed in a separate "Annotated" tab alongside their reason, allowing you to use the "Unassigned" tab to focus only on the segments that remain to be addressed while reviewing your records or preparing for an audit.


Editing Annotations

To edit any annotations, navigate to the "Annotated" tab, select one or more annotations, and click "Annotate Selected". All selected annotations will be updated to reflect the new annotation provided.

Roadside Display

These annotations demonstrate proof of diligent management of unassigned hours and can be provided as part of your unassigned hours reporting during an in-house audit. However, these annotations do not appear on the roadside display for drivers; all unassigned segments, annotated or not, must be displayed at roadside.