Route Timeliness Statuses: Scheduled, Completed, Late, and Skipped

From the Fleet → Routes menu, a route will appear with a “Route Timeliness” bar. The segments of this bar represent each stop along the route.


The route timeliness bar has 4 possible statuses.


  1. Scheduled: This stop has been scheduled in the future time or date.


  1. Completed: The driver stopped in the address’ geofence.


  1. Late: The driver is later than the scheduled arrival time, but less than 1 hour late.


  1. Skipped: The driver is later than the scheduled arrival time by 1 hour or more.

For a stop to be considered completed, the driver must remain in the geofence for the “stop detection threshold”. The default stop detection threshold for each account is 2 minutes. Please reach out to if you need to shorten this threshold.