AG24 Reefer Cable Installation

The AG24 Asset IoT gateway offers many configurations to physically connect to a trailer or reefer. One possible configuration is to use the refrigerated trailer cable harness, also called the Reefer Y-Cable. Using this Y-Cable, the AG24 can draw power from both the 7-way power connection and the reefer unit, and is compatible with a variety of Carrier and Thermo King models. When looking at possible reefer candidates, you will want to consider the controller board used in the refrigeration unit. Currently, the AG24 supports the following controller board generations:


  1. Thermo King SR (Smart Reefer) generations:
    1. SR2*
    2. SR3
    3. SR4
  2. Carrier:
    1. APX


*Please note that remote activation is not supported for this controller


The Y-Cable installation in these boards is simple and designed to be plug-and-play. To learn more about installation and view installation diagram please see: