Creating a Route

Samsara’s Routes feature allows you to build routes and track driver progress in real-time.

Creating a route works best when you have an address book created (although it will work without one). The address book may be found in the Settings → Addresses/Geofences menu. If you have not created addresses for your route stop, you can follow the instructions in these articles:


Using the Address Book

Importing Addresses in Bulk


To build a route, from the Samsara dashboard, select Fleet>Routes, then click the “+Create New Route button”


In the New Route widow, input a descriptive route name and assign the route to a vehicle or a driver.  Routes may also be left unassigned, but unassigned routes will not appear in the Samsara Driver app, and progress for unassigned routes is not tracked.



If you would like this route to reoccur, please select the “Repeat this route” checkbox. In the pop-up window, select whether you would like the route to repeat daily or weekly.


You can create the route’s start location and the stops in the Route Schedule section. Select your route’s desired start date and time. Next, set the starting location from your address book. Add stops along your route by selecting the “Add a job” button. From there, you select the destination from your address book, set the scheduled arrival, optionally set a departure, and add notes for reference.



Finalize your route by clicking the “Create Route” button. Note that the your new route will appear on the Routes dashboard in the timeframe you set, as well as in the Samsara Driver app for the Driver or Driver assigned to the Vehicle you selected.  Drivers can see the currently assigned routes, and routes up to two days in the future.



Finally, for recurring routes, check out Reports>Route Analytics to gain insight into your on-time performance.