What cable do I need to connect my gateway?

Below are the most common cables required broken down by vehicle type and model year. If your vehicle is not covered below, please contact Samsara support.


Heavy Truck and Bus


Model year 2016+:

Kenworth, Peterbilt: J1939-2Y2, nine-pin, green connector

Volvo/Mack: J1939-VM, OBDII style connector

All other manufacturers: J1939-2Y1, nine-pin, green connector


Model year 2006 - 2015:

Kenworth, Peterbilt: J1939-Y2, nine-pin, black connector

Volvo, Mack: J1939-VM or J1939-Y1 (contact Samsara support for clarification)

Isuzu, Hino: OBDII

All other manufacturers: J1939-Y1


Model year 2002 - 2005: J1939-Y1, nine-pin, black connector

Model year 1996 - 2001: J1708, six-pin, grey connector

Model year pre-1996: Non-diagnostic power cable

Car and Light Truck


Model year 1996+: OBD-II

Model year pre-1996: Non-diagnostic power cable