Resolving an Unsafe DVIR as a Mechanic

A user with admin or mechanic privileges can resolve an Unsafe DVIR by adding a new DVIR. Go to Fleet>Maintenance>DVIR. Then, select “+Add Vehicle DVIR” button.


Create a new DVIR entry by selecting the desired vehicle, adding the relevant information and mechanic notes. Next, select "Vehicle is safe to drive" and choose between "Previous defects are corrected" or "Previous defects need not be corrected". Click the “Save” button to complete the new DVIR entry.


Once your new DVIR is saved and created, it will appear as type "Mechanic" entry. Note that the original DVIR has now changed from "Unsafe" to "Resolved".



The final step in this process is to have a driver execute a new DVIR the next time the vehicle is to be driven, and to declare the vehicle safe to drive.  Once this is one, the “Unsafe” DVIR will be fully resolved.