AOBRD Mode: Roadside Inspection

AOBRD Roadside Inspection

All AOBRD devices need to be installed prior to the Dec. 18, 2017 deadline. If a device was installed after Dec. 18, 2017, then the device MUST be configured as an ELD to be compliant.

Log Transfer in AOBRD Mode

Encrypted transfer to the FMCSA is not supported by AOBRDs. Instead, drivers may exit the DOT Inspection screen and choose the "Transfer Logs" button from the HOS screen to e-mail their logs to an Inspection Officer. 


On the Transfer Logs page, there are Recipient Email and Comments sections that can be filled in prior to the transfer of the logs. Tap the Send Logs button to transmit the logs to the email address that was entered.

Note: There is no way to undo a log transfer once it has been sent.


Note: Transferring logs requires the device to have internet connection. If the device is using the Samsara hotspot, the vehicle gateway must be within range of the device to transmit the logs.