How To: Use Team Driving

Samsara Driver App’s “Driving Team” allows two or more drivers to manage their hours of service from one vehicle. 

Please Note: Drivers may only perform Team Driving from a single device. Two separate devices cannot be used to comply with the ELD mandated requirements for team driving.

1. Driver 1 Signs In to the Samsara Driver App and is listed as the user.

Driver 1 then selects “Driving Team.”


2. Driver 2 Sign In on the same mobile device by touching “Add User to Driving Team” and entering login details. Additional drivers follow the same steps on the same device to Sign In.



3. Two drivers are now logged in to the same vehicle. Driver 1 is set as the “Current vehicle driver.”

If Driver 2 selects “Set as vehicle driver” then Driver 2 becomes the primary driver for the vehicle. After this selection, you will see that Driver 2 is the “Current vehicle driver.”

All engine runtime will be assigned to the “Current vehicle driver’s” log.


4. Any driver logged in to the Driving Team can manage their account from the Samsara Driver App on the same mobile device.
Driver 2 can select “View App on driver’s account” next to their account, and the user displayed will be Driver 2. The Driver App is now set to manage Driver 2’s account.

Setting the current driver and changing which account is being viewed on the Driver App can be done at any time throughout the trip.


5. Signing out: When Driver 1 or Driver 2 (or any additional drivers on the Driving Team) sign out of the Samsara Driver App, the entire team is signed out.

Signing out puts all drivers on the Driving Team “Off Duty.”