Preparing for Roadside Inspections: Log Transfer

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It's important for drivers to prepare and know what to do in case of a roadside inspection:

  1. Before the inspection
    • Verify Driver Information on the DOT Inspection screen.
    • Locate Required In-cab Materials
  2. During the inspection: If requested, transfer your logs to the inspector

Verify Driver Information

As a driver, it's important to verify that the DOT Inspection screen lists all of your driver information correctly. Navigate to the HOS > DOT Inspection to proceed.


The instructions in this document assume that your vehicle's device is configured for operation as an ELD. Verify this configuration using the information below:

ELD eld_botom.png

More information here >>


Locate Required In-cab Materials

Before you get started with your day, locate the required in-cab materials in your vehicle. These materials may be requested during an inspection.

For more details, see our KB article on the Required In-Cab Materials.

Transfer Your Logs

With the required materials are in the cab, the last thing to do is make sure you know how to transfer logs to the DOT Inspector.


From the DOT inspection sheet, the top right button allows for transferring logs to an inspector. From this page, there are two options to transfer the logs to the DOT: wireless web services (WWS) and email.

Once selecting either WWS or Email, you will be prompted with a window asking if you'd like to transfer the log and a comment field. Enter a comment if provided by the Enforcement Agent. After that, tapping the green Send Logs button will send the DOT the logs.

Note: There is no way to rescind a log transfer request after submission.


It's important to note that transferring logs requires the device to have an internet connection. If the device is using the Samsara hotspot, the vehicle gateway must be within range of the device to transmit the logs.