In-House Audit Log Transfer

Step 1: Contact Support to enable the audit transfer tool for your dashboard. Call us at (415) 329-6900, email us at, or open a Support case via the Support tab in your dashboard. 

Step 2: Navigate to Fleet > Reports > Driver HOS then select the driver you would like transfer logs for.





Step 3: Specify the time range of the transfer using the date selector in the upper right corner.

To choose a date, click on the date range to display a calendar. Next, navigate to the correct month and choose the start date, followed by the end date.

In this example, the time range includes Jan. 1 to Jan. 31:


Step 4: Once the time range is selected, it will be reflected in the calendar window. Next, click the Audit Transfer button below the date range.



Step 5: After clicking the Audit Transfer button, the transfer dialog will appear. Verify the time range is correct.

Below the date range is an optional field for File Output Comment. An inspector may have a specific value to place in this field.

Once the details of the transfer request have been confirmed, click Submit to transfer the data file.

Note: Once submitted, the data file cannot be recalled. Ensure that the data requested for transfer is consistent with the inspector's request(s).


Step 6: Repeat steps 1-4 for each individual driver requested by the inspector.