Completing a DOT Audit with Samsara

How do you prepare for an onsite audit?

Going through an onsite audit can be a stressful experience.

As a Samsara partner, we want to make sure you’re fully up to speed on how to get your dashboard audit ready and to know what required audit documentation is already available to you with Samsara.

1) Pre-inspection Prep: Is your organization ready?

Confirm Carrier Settings

Ensure that your Carrier information is up to date in the SettingsHOS/DVIR panel.

From this page, you can confirm that your Carrier Name, Address, and DOT Number will all publish correctly when you transfer your logs to the DOT.

Learn more about Carrier Settings in our Fleet Setup Video:

Confirm Driver Settings

You’ll also want to make sure your drivers have all the required information.

All Driver Accounts must have the following information: Driver Name, Driver’s License Number, Driver’s License State (ie: CA, TX, CT etc).

Learn more about Driver Settings in our Driver Setup Video:  

Review your HoS and DVIR Reports

As a motor carrier, you are required to maintain at least 6 months of RODS and 12 months of vehicle inspection reports, including DVIRs.

As you prepare for your audit, stay diligent about monitoring violations, including having drivers certify their logs and responding to vehicle defect reports.

2) Transferring the ELD Data File

Samsara makes it easy for you to share your driver’s log data with inspection officials. The steps outlined on our "In-House Audit Log Transfer" Article will allow you to transfer a data file directly to the FMCSA for any of the driver records they request.

3) Additional Forms & Documents

The data within Samsara is just a portion of what you may be asked to provide during an onsite audit. Inspectors could request a wide variety of documents, including those listed below.

For more information on audit requirements, refer to guidance published by the FMCSA on its website at

An example document list provided by the FMCSA in its New Entrant Safety Audit Guide includes:

  1. Driver-Related Documents
    1. Driver List
    2. Driver’s License
    3. Driver’s Records of Duty Status (RODS) and Supporting Documentation (as far back as 6 months)
    4. Driver’s Motor Vehicle Record (MVR)
    5. Medical Certificate
  2. Vehicle-Related Documents
    1. Vehicle List
    2. Vehicle Inspection (as far back as 12 months)
    3. Hazardous materials (HM) Shipping Papers
  3. Carrier/Programmatic Related Documents
    1. Proof of Insurance
    2. Drug & Alcohol Program
    3. Accident Register