Auxiliary Inputs

In addition to vehicle diagnostics, you can monitor the use of equipment via the Auxiliary Inputs. Auxiliary Inputs are included with the J1939 cables shipped with vehicle gateways as well as select OBDII cables.

Here's how to connect auxiliary inputs to your equipment:

  1. Remove the heat shrink tubing from the pigtail to reveal three wires.

  2. Locate the wires for input 1 and input 2 using the key below.
    • J1939: Input 1 = RED, Input 2 = ORANGE, Unused wire = BROWN
    • OBDII: Input 1 = GREEN, Input 2 = YELLOW, Unused wire = BLUE
  3. Wire one of these into the circuit of your desired equipment. We recommend wiring to indicator lights, relays, or switches. We recommend using 20 gauge copper wire.
  4. Notify Samsara Support so we can ensure your account is set up to read this auxiliary input data.

Note: When the voltage surpasses 3.3V, the gateway considers the device "On.". A voltage under 3.3V is considered "Off."

This information is available nearly instantly in the Samsara Dashboard. Check out the Equipment Report and Fleet Overview to see how and where your fleet uses the equipment.