Creating Driver Accounts

NOTE: you can now create new driver accounts in bulk via CSV upload.

Drivers login using a Fleet ID, a username, and a password. We’ve eliminated the need for drivers to use email to log in, since not all drivers have work email accounts. 

1. Obtain Your Unique Fleet ID

To create new driver accounts, obtain your Fleet ID. This is an ID that your drivers use to associate with your fleet when they log in.

Your Fleet ID is automatically set based on your Organization Name. It is displayed in the “General” tab in your Organization Settings.

You can change your Fleet ID. Use a name that is memorable and easy to type, for example “ABCTrucking”, as you’ll be sharing this with your drivers.

Note that you can also set group-specific Fleet ID's in Group Settings.


2. Create New Driver Accounts

To create new driver account, navigate to Settings, then the “Drivers” tab.

You can set up your driver’s usernames and passwords here. Here’s how to set common passwords


3. Log In To the Driver App

Your drivers are now ready to use the Samsara Driver app. After downloading the app (iOS or Android) on any mobile device, they enter the Fleet ID, username, and password you’ve set up.

Note: Username login is available in Samsara Driver app version 1.1.7 and later