Using and Migrating Email-Based Driver Accounts

If your team used the Samsara Driver App prior to version 1.1.7, drivers have accounts based on their email addresses.

Drivers can continue using their existing credentials (email/password), and leave the Fleet ID field blank.

Alternatively, you can migrate your driver accounts so drivers can log in with username/password. Here's how:

Migrating email-based accounts to username/password accounts

Drivers with legacy email-based accounts have been automatically assigned unique usernames based on their email addresses - it’s based on their email prefix- anything before the @ symbol in their email address. For example, “dave” is the new username for

Here’s how to begin using usernames in place of emails:

1. Find usernames in the “Drivers” tab under “Settings”

2. Assign passwords for each driver by clicking the gear icon next to each driver, or set a common password for all users

3. Find your Fleet ID in “Organization Settings”

4. Share these credentials with your drivers

How to set a password for all drivers