Groups are a way to logically organize collections of Gateways and Sensors.  These Sensors and Gateways then appear together in the Dashboard, under that particular Group.

Groups provide hard separation between assets, with no information sharing between Groups. As a result:

  • Sensors will only connect to Gateways in the same Group
  • Drivers are assigned to Groups, and their Driver App will only work with Gateways within their Group
  • Only the Admins for a particular group can access the devices within it (besides Organization Admins who can view every group)

Given this behavior, here are some tips for using Groups:

  • When you have a large fleet with distinct divisions (e.g. in different geographic locations), and you want to tightly control information flow between them, Groups can be effective in organizing assets
  • If your organization is more fluid (e.g. vehicles & drivers move between divisions), you should use a single Group and prefix assets in different divisions with identifiers. You can then filter views and reports by searching for that prefix.

Also note that moving assets between Groups will wipe their previous data.