Vehicle Dispatch

Samsara allows its administrators to dispatch vehicles to a particular location by clicking on the Fleet -> Dispatch tab. From "Create" and typing in a particular address or location, dispatchers can view how close their vehicles are to that destination in real time, and how long it will take those vehicles to reach that destination, based on real-time traffic. Furthermore, they can easily dispatch a specified driver or vehicle to a particular location.

See below for an example of this feature:

In the above example, the dispatcher is looking to dispatch someone to 2500 Noriega St (ABC Bakery). We can see that Truck 8 (driven by Phil) is 6 minutes away and Truck 5  (driven by Scot) is 8 minutes away. We can also see that Phil is currently not driving the car (as indicated by the grey dot).

In the notes field, we can simply write a message that we'd like Phil to see, and once we click on "Create Job," Phil will then be sent an SMS text message and in-app notification that he has been dispatched to the Space Needle. Furthermore, from the text or notification, Phil can simply click to get real-time directions from his current location to the Dispatch destination. 


We can find previously-created jobs two ways:

1. Dispatch Table - where jobs are sorted by status (Assigned, Started, Completed, Cancelled, and Unassigned). The table sorts the jobs by date and enables sorting and searching. 

2. Dispatch Map - here you can see all of today’s job locations alongside all real-time vehicle locations. It helpful as a status board for dispatch offices and an easy way to see where business is coming from for both real-time decision making and long-term planning.


From the map, selecting a Started job shows the live ETA of the assigned vehicle, which you can share with customers so they know when to expect the visit.

Dispatch for Drivers

Phil receives a notification in the Samsara Driver App that he's been dispatched to a new location.

Phil can get directions by clicking the Navigation button. He starts the trip by swiping right on "Start Trip". He swipes right on "Update Trip" to mark the trip as complete or suspend the trip.