Configuring Wi-Fi

Samsara Gateways connect automatically to the Samsara Cloud via cellular data connectivity, but they also have built-in dual-band Wi-Fi support.  

Configuring Wi-Fi is done on the group settings page.  Simply click the '+ Add a Wi-Fi network' button and enter the wireless network name, then select the wireless security needed, and enter the wireless password if required.

Open wireless networks, WEP, WPA2-PSK, and WPA2-Enterprise networks are supported.

You can add multiple Wi-Fi networks that will apply to all gateways in the Group (e.g. if different Wi-Fi networks exist amongst the gateways).  The gateway will look for any of the configured Wi-Fi networks that are available.

When connecting your gateway to a wireless network, it is important to know that all traffic from the gateway is initiated outbound to the cloud. As a result, there is no need to open any holes in your firewall for inbound connections. All connections traffic from the gateways will be outbound https (port 443).

The gateway needs to have cellular data connectivity to receive the Wi-Fi settings automatically.  If your gateway does not have cellular connectivity, you can configure Wi-Fi settings over Bluetooth using the Samsara Mobile iOS app.  See this kb article for more information: Setting up Offline Gateways