Time on Site Report

The Time on Site Report indicates the amount of time that a vehicle has spent at locations from the address book or in transit or the most frequent sites.

To access the Time on Site Report, select Fleet > Reports > Time on Site. Use the time and date selector, located in the upper right, to select a time frame of interest for your report.

Select Vehicle to see the amount of time spent per at address book sites and unknown sites. This view also highlights the top 3 most frequently visited unknown sites and the amount of time spent at these sites. 


Quickly add new sites to your Address Book by selecting the unknown site. Add a location name and select Add Address.


Select Sites in Address Book to see the sites in your address book your vehicles visit, the frequency of visits, and the average time on site. 




Select Unknown Sites to see the location your vehicles are visiting that are not in your address book, the frequency of visits, and the average time on site at these unknown locations. 



Select View Details to see details of the unknown site location and add the site to your address book.