Time on Site Report

The Time on Site Report indicates the amount of time that a vehicle has spent at locations from the address book or in transit or the most frequent sites.

To access the Time on Site Report, simply click "Reports" in the upper-right corner from the Fleet Management screen, then select "Time on Site" on the left side of the screen. Then, select "Vehicle" to display this report by vehicles rather than by site.

The heatmap at the top of the report shows a snapshot of where all vehicles in your fleet have been spending time. Warmer orange and red tones means that vehicles have been spending a lot of time in that area, while cooler green tones indicate that only a little bit of time has been spent in those areas.

Within the Time on Site Report, administrators can select a certain vehicle, and see the total amount of time that the vehicle was at a particular location, as well as the overall percentage of time that this location represents.  

Below is an example of the Time on Site Report:


You can also see information by site. Within the Time On Site Report, click “Site”, and you’ll see all the common sites your vehicles visit, the frequency of visits, and the average time on site.  Quickly add new sites to your Address Book by clicking “+Add address,” then selecting the location name or adding your own location name.

Here's an example of this report: