What is Power Factor?

Samsara Power / Energy monitoring solutions provide visibility into the Power Factor of the system being monitored.  What is Power Factor and why does it matter?

Power Factor is the mathematical ratio of the active power to the apparent power being supplied to the facility.  It is an indicator of whether you are fully utilizing the electrical power being supplied to you.

More details on the math behind calculating power factor can be found here:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_factor

In Samsara's Dashboard, you may see a Power Factor between 0 and 2.  A power factor under 1 indicates an inductive / lagging load and a power factor over 1 indicates a capacitive / leading load.

When graphed over time in the Samsara Dashboard, you will see a capacitive power factor above the 1 and an inductive power factor below the 1 (see below for an example):