Utilization Report

The Utilization Report is a powerful report that can be run from the Samsara Dashboard. It shows information on where vehicles are spending their time, their stops, their miles traveled, trip data. To access the Utilization Report, simply click "Reports" from the Fleet screen and then select "Utilization."

The Utilization Report shows an overview of how all vehicles in your fleet have been utilized for a specified time period. The top 4 graphs show the average distance, engine time, number of stops, and days active for the vehicles in the fleet. The Utilization Report also highlights heavily and lightly utilized vehicles, and provides a total snapshot for drive time for each vehicle. Below is an example of the Utilization Report:



The bars in each graph at the top represent the number of vehicles for each category in each graph. In the example above, the distance graph shows that 2 vehicles drove less than 25 miles in the last day, and 2 more drove less than 100 miles. The breakdown on the right shows the true numbers for each vehicle and each category. These values can be exported as a CSV file by clicking on the "Export to CSV" button.