Creating Speeding Alerts

Samsara supports the ability to create speeding alerts in case a vehicle is driving at an unsafe speed.

To configure a speeding alert, select  Alerts > Configure >Vehicle Speed and follow the steps below to create a speeding alert.


  1. Select whether you want to be alerted if a certain speed is reached, or if you want to be alerted if a vehicle exceeds the speed limit by a specified amount.
  2. Select whether the alert should be applied to all vehicles in the group, specific tags in the group or specific vehicles in the group.
  3. Specify the amount of time the vehicle must sustain that speed before an alert is triggered
  4. Select a timeframe (or multiple timeframes) to disable the alert on a daily basis. During these times, an alert will not be generated, even if the speeding threshold is exceeded.
  5. Lastly, specify the contact(s) to receive a notification via SMS or email in the event a speeding alert occurs.

Note: If a driver/vehicle is driving constantly over the configured speed threshold, and there is no time threshold configured for the alert, administrators will only receive alert notifications every 30 minutes at most. This is done purposely in order to limit the amount of email/SMS notifications that an admin receives, as well as cut down on the noise in the Alerts > Incidents page of the Dashboard. 

The screenshot below shows the configuration of a speeding alert: