Using the Address Book

It's useful to understand exactly where drivers are stopping. By leveraging the Samsara Address Book, users can upload known locations that drivers frequently visit and then display them on the map. 

To access the Samsara Address Book, click on the Configure Icon and then select "Address Book." Once there, click on "Add Address" to add a single location, or "Upload CSV" to add a set of addresses. The Samsara Dashboard supports both physical addresses and latitude/longitude coordinates for the locations. The radius is used to determine when the vehicle reaches and leaves a particular location.

To understand how to add addresses in bulk by leveraging a CSV upload, see the KB article Importing Places into the Address Book in Bulk. Note that the "default radius" is used for all locations in the CSV. The radius can then be edited for individual locations simply by clicking on "Edit" for the location. 

Once the places have been uploaded, the descriptions for each address will show up on the map on the "Fleet" tab within the Dashboard, in the specified locations. Furthermore, these places can then be used to create geofence alerts around these locations. If done properly, the map on the "Fleet" tab will look similar to the screenshot below: