Importing Places into the Address Book in Bulk

For fleets that have a lot of destinations, it can be useful to import many places at once. Luckily, the Samsara Dashboard supports bulk address adds by simply uploading a .CSV file. 

To access this tool, simply click on the Configure Icon and select the "Address Book" tab. Then click on "Upload CSV." The CSV file that is uploaded must have two columns: one titled "description" and one titled "address." The description field is used for the name of the location, while the address field is the physical address of the location. 

Note that the address can be a street address (eg 123 Fake St, Springfield) or a latitude and longitude in decimal format (eg 37.818440,-122.478441).  Latitude and Longitude coordinates should be separated by a comma only.

For certain Microsoft Excel versions, there may be multiple different .CSV file options to save files as. Please be sure to save the file as a "Comma Separated Values" .CSV file rather than the other options. 

For an example CSV in the proper format, see the attached file below.