Creating Geofence Alerts

Samsara fleet tracking supports a variety of alerts that can be used to track vehicles and monitor their behavior. One of these alerts is called "geofencing" and it can used to create an alert anytime a vehicle enters or exits a specific geographic area. 

To create a Geofence alert, go to your Samsara dashboard and click Alerts > Configure. Then select "Geofence" and follow the steps below to configure the Geofence alert.

1. Select the location for the center of the geofence by searching for an address. Note that any locations that have been updated to the address book will be pre-populated in the search drop down.

2. Name the location (if not already done so from the address book). Note that administrators can drag and drop the geofence on the map, as well as shrink/enlarge the geofence by using their mouse. Administrators can also draw a geofence to be any shape they want, or choose a box.

3. Select whether the alert should occur when a vehicle is inside or outside the geofence.


4. Select the vehicle to apply the geofence alert to, or select a specific tag or "all vehicles."

5. Specify the length of time (in minutes) that the geofence condition must hold before an alert is triggered.

6. Select a timeframe (or multiple timeframes) to disable the alert on a daily basis.


7. Specify the contact(s) to receive a notification via SMS and/or email in the event that an alert occurs. A description for the alert can also be configured if desired. 

8. Lastly, click Save.