Fleet Manager FAQs

Q: When a driver signs in through the app, does he create a password on his own or do we create one for them on the dashboard?

A: Password creation and all driver settings are handled from dashboard under Settings →  Driver.


Q:  How can we add the option for Yard Moves and Personal Conveyance?

A:  Both duty status can be added from the dashboard under Settings → Driver.


Q: What happens in the case where we rent a truck but still need to maintain hours of service?

A: The FMCSA has issued a rental exemption. Paper logs are permitted for rentals of 8 days or fewer. See full details here: https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/regulations/notices/2017-21892


Q: How do maintenance employees sign off on DVIR issues?

A: Within the dashboard, maintenance personnel can update to DVIRs under Fleet → Maintenance → DVIR and selecting “Add a DVIR entry”.


Q: Where does the driver or DOT inspector put in an email address to transfer logs?

A: The mandated email address is already set in the background.  There is no need to enter an email address.


Q: Is the Samsara Driver app compliant on smartphones, in addition to tablets?

A: Yes, smartphones running Samsara Driver are still compliant.


Q: How far can a driver go in Personal Conveyance?

A: The mandate does not put a limit on Personal Conveyance driving and its usage is at the discretion of the driver.


Q: Which kinds of edits show up in the ELD data file if it is sent to the FMCSA?

A: All edits are reported from the data file.


Q: How do we get the ELD Solution Manual?

A: Your Account Rep can send you all the manuals you require. Please reach out if you have not already been contacted.


Q: How can we see who’s made an edit (Driver vs. Admin)?

A: This information can be found in the Driver HOS Audit report under Fleet → Reports.


Q: Should the eight spare paper logs be completed by the driver or left blank?

A: The eight spare paper logs can remain blank unless there is an ELD malfunction.