Fleet Managers: Editing Driver HOS Logs

In Summary

In accordance with the ELD mandate, edits to a driver's log cannot be suggested until after the driver has certified their log.

Beginning on December 18th, 2017, the following steps are required to complete an edit:

  1. A driver certifies their daily log
  2. The carrier makes corrections to the driver's log
  3. The driver is notified of the changes and can accept or reject the suggested corrections

Please note: You cannot begin making corrections to a log that has not yet been certified by the driver.

ELD Mandate on Driver Approvals

The ELD mandate requires driver approval of edits suggested by a carrier. Specifically, 49 CFR 395.30 (d) 1-2 requires:

  • "A driver must confirm or reject any proposed change... in order for any motor carrier-proposed changes to take effect."
  • "A motor carrier may not request edits to the driver's electronic records before the records have been submitted by the driver."

Samsara complies with this regulation by allowing carriers to suggest edits to a driver's log only after it has been certified.

How it Works

Driver approval introduces significant changes to the correction process used by devices prior to the mandate. We've made it simple to conduct this process using the steps below.

Step 1: Driver Certifies their Log

At the end of a driver's day, the driver certifies their log from the HOS > Log screen in the Samsara Driver app.


Step 2: Make Corrections

Certified Log

Once a driver has certified their log, the "Missing Driver Certification" violation will be cleared and the "Edit" option will become available on the driver's log.


To make a correction:

  1. Select the driver's certified log from the "Fleet" > "Reports" > "Driver HOS" Page in the Samsara Dashboard
  2. Use the "Edit" button to display the selections for editing a specific segment of the log.
  3. Make the necessary edit using options displayed.
  4. Click "Save" to complete your correction.


Once the correction has been saved, the "Show Pending Edits" button can be used to toggle between views of the original log and the corrected log.



Uncertified Logs

As required by the ELD mandate, the carrier cannot suggest edits to an uncertified log. On an uncertified driver's log, the "Edit" option is unavailable.

Step 3: Driver Reviews Corrections

Once a correction has been saved by the carrier, the correction is immediately pushed to the driver's mobile device. Multiple edits are queued for the driver and presented at once.

The driver will see the following button appear on their main HOS screen. Tapping this button will prompt the driver to review any pending edits, with a summarized comparison of their existing log vs. the corrected log. 

The driver can then choose to Accept or Reject the edits.


If the driver does not choose to view the edits, the driver is prompted again immediately before Sign Out.


Step 4: Log is Corrected

Once the edits have been accepted by the driver, the "Show Pending Edits" button is removed from the driver's log in the Samsara Dashboard, and the driver's log is updated on their DOT Inspection screen in the Samsara Driver App.