Correcting Shipping & Trailer IDs

In Summary

  • Shipping ID and Trailer ID can be edited from the Samsara Dashboard by Carriers
  • Edit options are available only after a driver has certified their daily log

Correcting HOS Log Fields

If a driver certifies their log without entering the appropriate shipping or trailer information, the carrier can assist the driver in correcting these errors on their HOS form.

Here's how to edit these fields on a certified log:

  1. Navigate to the "Driver HOS" Report in "Fleet" > "Reports"
  2. Select the desired driver and daily log for the driver
  3. Select the "Edit" button next to the Shipping ID or Trailer ID

  4. Enter the desired value and click the check mark to Accept the changes.

Uncertified Logs

Per the ELD Mandate, these edit options are not available on Uncertified Logs. See the "Driver Approval of Carrier Edits" Knowledge Base Article for more information.