Planned Maintenance Windows

While most updates to the Samsara cloud service are made without system interruption, from time to time Samsara will perform upgrades on our cloud infrastructure that requires briefly suspending dashboard access. These planned Maintenance Windows enable Samsara to improve the performance, capacity, and scalability of the service.

We work to keep Maintenance Windows brief and infrequent. Maintenance Windows are performed at night after 10:00pm ET / 7:00pm PT. Affected customers will be notified, via a prominent banner in the Samsara dashboard, in the days prior to the Maintenance Window.

During the Maintenance Window, you may not be able to access All sensor and GPS data generated during the maintenance window will be stored and applied upon resumption of services, and no data will be lost.

Customers using Samsara to log Hours of Service: Please note that your drivers may not be able to log into the Samsara Driver App on their mobile devices during the maintenance window. If drivers are unable to log in, they should use their paper logbook (which are required as backup to Electronic Logging Devices per FMCSA regulations.) Upon completion of the Maintenance Window, drivers may amend their electronic logs and claim any unassigned driving time generated during the window.

If you have any questions about Maintenance Windows, please contact Samsara Support.