How does Samsara handle yard moves?

Time spent driving within the confines of a carrier’s or customer’s yard is considered on-duty/not driving - it does not count against driving time. 

The ELD Mandate specifies that carriers must record the time when drivers are operating vehicles in their yards. Samsara has specific a "yard move" status which drivers can select in the Samsara Driver App. When they select "yard move" that time will be counted as on-duty time, but it won't count against their driving time.

If you have team members, such as mechanics, who move vehicles around your yard, they too can record their hours. There are two different options that we recommend to do this and remain compliant:

Option 1:

Mechanic can download the Samsara Driver App, sign in with their own driver account, and log their yard move hours using the "yard move" status. 

Option 2:

The hours from yard moves will accumulate in the Unassigned HOS section of the Samsara Dashboard (under Fleet -> Reports -> Unassigned HOS), and the fleet manager can assign the hours to the mechanic from this screen.