Minimum Device Requirements to Run the Samsara Driver App

The Samsara Driver App is designed to run on most modern iOS and Android devices, including phones, tablets, and even iPod touches. While most of the newer devices will be able to run the Samsara Driver App without any issues, there are some exceptions with older devices.


For Android devices, the Samsara Driver App requires at least KitKat (4.4.2) version of Android OS with an ARM-based processor. Some examples of devices that can run this version of Android (or the ability to upgrade to this version) include the following:

**Note - this is not a comprehensive list of the devices that support the Samsara Driver App, but is meant to display ideas of various devices that will support the app


-Samsung Galaxy S4 and newer (including the S5, S6, S7, S7 Edge, etc.)

-Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and newer 

-Motorola E, G, X (all generations)

-LG G2 and newer

-HTC One M7 and newer


-Acer Iconia One 7

-Google Pixel C

-NVidia Shield Tablet

-Nexus 7 tablet and newer

-Samsung Galaxy Tab S, Tab Pro, Tab E, Tab A, TabPro S, and Tab 4

-Sony Xperia Z4

Devices that will not support the Samsara Driver App include the Samsung Galaxy S3 and older, the Samsung Note 2 and older, devices using an Intel x86 processor, as well as any other Android device that will not upgrade to KitKat (4.4.2). 


For iOS devices, the Samsara Driver App requires at least iOS version 8.0. Some examples of devices that can run this version of iOS include:


-iPhone 4S and newer


-iPad 2 and newer

-iPad mini and newer

-iPod Touch (5th generation and newer only)

Devices that are not supported include the 1st generation iPad, the 1st through 4th generation iPod Touch, and the iPhone 4.